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Woolley, W.D., Ames, S.A., Pitt, A.I. and Murrell, J.V., 1975. FIRE BEHAVIOUR OF BEDS AND BEDDING MATERIALS. Fire Research Notes 1038


Fire tests with measurements of temperatures, radiation levels and smoke production have been carried out using domestic beds fitted with full bedding materials in a full-scale compartment-corridor. The tests have included mattresses made of polyurethane of various types, hair, spring interior and foamed rubber with mattress covers of cotton, flame retarded cotton or proofed nylon. Some tests with hair or glass fibre cloth protective interlinings are also recorded. The study has shown that a rapid development of fire in bed and bedding materials can take place with certain combinations of mattresses and their covers. The type of cover is extremely important in the overall fire development particularly with polyurethane mattresses. A substantial improvement in the fire behaviour of many of the principal types of beds tested can be achieved by a careful selection of bedding materials, such as the type of mattress cover, and in certain cases by the use of protective interlinings.

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