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Lawson, D.I., Smith, H.M., Smith, N.C., Palmer, K.N. and Langdon-Thomas, G.J., 1964. FIRE PROTECTION SERVICES IN THE U.S.S.R.. Fire Research Notes 574


During May, 1964, the State Committee for the Co-ordination of Scientific Research in the U.S.S.R. agreed to receive, a delegation from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research to exchange information on fire research. So that the exchange should cover as wide a field as possible, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Fire Services and the Director of the Fire Protection Association were invited to join the party from the Fire Research Station, the final representation being:- Mr. D.I. Lawson, Director, Joint Fire Research Organization. Mr. H.M. Smith; H.M. Chief Inspector of Fire Services. Mr. N.C. Strother Smith, Director, Fire Protection Association. Mr. K.N. Palmer ) Joint Fire Research Organization Mr. G. J. Langdon-Thomas ) The visit was to last a fortnight and after indicating the topics we would like to discuss the itinerary was left to the host country. In September we visited three cities - Moscow, Leningrad and Volgograd (Stalingrad). Two-and-a-half days were spent discussing various aspects of research and testing and the rest of the time was devoted to general fire matters, visits to plant, etc.

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