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Malhotra, H.L., 1969. FIRE RESISTANCE OF STRUCTURAL CONCRETE BEAMS. Fire Research Notes 741


The distribution of water at depths of 0.61, 1.22 and 3.66 m (2, 4 and 12 feet) beneath a square array of four similar sprinklers operating at a pressure of 0.70 kgf/cm^2 (10 lb/ and spaced to give a coverage of 12.08 m^2 (130 ft^2) per head, has been measured. Five makes of conventional and spray sprinklers, both upright and pendent, have been examined in this way, a total of 23 different sprinkler types and positions. The uniformity of distribution over the central part of the square collecting area beneath the array has been assessed from 25 per cent and 100 per cent samples, in order to provide the basis for developing a method of approval of sprinkler distribution.

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