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Tonkin, P.S. and Berlemont, C.F., 1971. SURFACE TEMPERATURES OF DIESEL ENGINE AND IT'S EXHAUST SYSTEM. Fire Research Notes 917


Diesel engines of powered lifting and transporting appliances are often considered sufficiently protected to be safe for use in industrial areas where flammable concentrations of gases and vapours may occur. The work described in this Note was carried out to obtain quantitative information about the surface temperatures of an air cooled engine and qualitative information regarding emission of sparks and the ability of an air intake filter to function as a flame arreater preventing flashback of flame from the engine to the atmosphere. The results obtained have shown that dangerously high surface temperature values can be attained on the surfaces of the components of exhaust systems under various working conditions. Sparks and flames were observed in the exhaust system of the engine and it was shown that an oil bath type air cleaner cannot be regarded as a flame arrester. Suggestions are made as to the modifications and additional appliances necessary to flameproof an engine for safe working in industrial areas in which flammable gas and vapour concentrations may occur.

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