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Deterministic Properties Of Wall Fire

Naruse, T. and Sugahara, S., 1992. Deterministic Properties Of Wall Fire. AOFST 1


Measurements were made of flame height Lf on vertical surface burner with side and back walls: Flame height is represented as a functional relation as. Lf/ Du ocQw' 2/3 or Lf oc (Q/Dh) 2/3. where Qw' is dimensionless heat release rate. Qw·= (Q/DH)/(PoCpT0I9Du3/ 2). DH and Du are width and height of the burner respectively. The similarity of mean temperature distribution in the flow is assesed in the parameter. Then it can be rewritten to give mean temperature. JI/T0 ce(X/(Ow' 2/ 3Du))-1 in the region which heat release entirely finished in. In the region of the local Reynolds number Re (==VXI v) >30,000 of the wall plume along an adiabatic wall, the flow developes in fully turbulent and the local Froude number Fr (==V/ U3 JIgX) I /2) becomes almost constant. So it provides mean velocity. V/l9ce(Ow·2 /3D~)1 /2. Experimental results of mean temperature and velocity show the same power relation with the estimates. Without side walls there is an effect of a slight decrease of flame height, temperarure and velocity along the vertical center line. Then without back wall on the vertical surface burner, flame height Lf is represented as LrIOu ceOw'! /2. so that temperature and velocity are estimated similarly as above. JI/T0 ce(x/(Ow'! /2Du))-4/3 and V/l9ce(X/Ow· 2Du 4)-1 /6. Experimental results of mean temperature and velocity in the plume region show the same power relation with the estimates, too.

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