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A Combined Field-Zone Model For Compartment Fire

Fan, W.C., Yan, Z., Huo, R., Chen, Yuming and Zhao, Hongbo, 1992. A Combined Field-Zone Model For Compartment Fire. AOFST 1


A new model (F-Z model) is proposed for compartment fire modeling, which is a combination of field model and zone model being currently available. The main idea of the F-Z model is to use field model for rooms (in which the two-layer assumption of zone model is inadequate.) of fire origin, with strong ventilation or the rooms in which a detail simulation is required, and to use zone model for other spaces in the compartment. The general structure and the way to deal with interface between field and zone models within the framework of F-Z model are described and demonstrated by performing two- and three -dimensional F-Z modeling for a two-room compartment fire. Also, the case is experimentally studied. Predictions by the F- Z model are in qualitative agreement with experimental data, which shows that the F-Z model is promising in compartment fire modeling.

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