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A Current Survey On Approved Fire Performance Materials In Japan

He, Feng and Sugahara, S., 1992. A Current Survey On Approved Fire Performance Materials In Japan. AOFST 1


In Japan, since 1969 to 1991, 2701 cases of the fire performance materials are approved, but among of them, 818 cases are cancelled because of their selling situations. These materials are classified into four classes, non-combusitible, semi-noncombustible, fire retardant and flame retardant, by Japan Building Standard Law. In this survey, at first, the materials are classified in detail. As for the non-cancelled materials. two-thirds of them are occupied by non-combustible. and one-fifth are semi -noncombustible. Then we discuss the relationship among test results. i. e. temperature in the test furnace (heat release rate). deformation, smoke generation, melting, crack and after -flame, mainly concerning non-combustible and semi-noncombustible materials. Finally, we discuss the current Japan test methods.

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