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Flammability Limits Of Mixtures Of Combustible Gas-Air-Gas-Aerosol Compositions

Shebeko, Yu. N., Korolchenko, A., Bolodian, I. A., Navzenya, V. Y., Kopylov, S. N. and Shebeko, D. Y., 1988. Flammability Limits Of Mixtures Of Combustible Gas-Air-Gas-Aerosol Compositions. AOFST 3


An experimental investigation of conditions of inertization of combustible gaseous mixtures by gas-aerosol compositions has been executed at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. Methane and petrol vapour were used as a combustible, composition EI produced by organization "Granit-Salamandra" was used as inhibitor. A comparison of obtained results with published data for gaseous diluents has been made. It has been found, that minimum mass inertization concentrations of the EI composition are remarkably lower, than for known gaseous diluents. This effect is caused by an effective inhibition of combustion processes by fine particles of inorganic salts, which are the main part of the gas-aerosol composition. A qualitative interpretation of the possible mechanism of inhibition is presented.

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