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Estimation Of Heat Release In Fire Compartment

Naruse, T. and Sugahara, S., 1988. Estimation Of Heat Release In Fire Compartment. AOFST 3


This paper presents the model to estimate heat release in fire compartment about four fuels, Douglas fir considering char formation and moisture content, methanol, methane and propane, with equivalence ratio ¢ on the basis of previous work and discusses about the difference of the combustion efficiency of them. As the result, calculated heat release of Douglas fir, methane and propane shows relatively good relation to previous work. By considering the differences of combustion efficiency of fuels, we will be able to conduct the experiments with many fuels to examine heat balance of compartment fire. And the results of combustion efficiency of four fuels show that in ¢ ? 1, combustion efficiency of Douglas fir, methanol, methane and propane are almost same, but in ¢ > 1 as ¢ increases, as combustion efficiency of them differ largely. The reason is considered that heat of reaction is consumed to latent heat of non-reacted fuel in accordance with the amount of non-reacted fuel.

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