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Changes Of The Industry And The Disaster In Postwar Japan

Komamiya, Kohgaku, 2000. Changes Of The Industry And The Disaster In Postwar Japan. AOFST 4


After the world war II, Japan was racked by hunger, illness, and cold. However, by using the knowledge and technology introduced from the developed countries before the war, the industry was revived, and even new industries were established In the meantime, a large number of labors were injured and killed in the dangerous work site. It was fortunate that the safety experts were sent from the United States by the U.S. Forces' requisition Then, along with the technological innovation in the dangerous industries such as steel and shipbuilding, the new industries such as car, television, and information changed the production center into a clean and safe place. However, since Japan is full of mountains and surrounded by the sea, most o f its land is humid and rainy. Compared with the less humid country, corrosions occur quickly, and it can lead to the excessive cost for preservation. More over, although earthquake is not the major issue here, the demand for strong artifacts are very high, compared with the country with no earthquake. Here, we would like to introduce the failure rather than success and receive criticism.

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