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Fire Brigade Intervention Model For Residential Builders In Australia

Hirano, T., 2000. Fire Brigade Intervention Model For Residential Builders In Australia. AOFST 4


A prospect has been performed on fire science in the future. For establishing a reliable fire safety management system and operating it effectively, knowledge in fire science is indispensable. The achievement of basic fire research is necessarily for the fire safety management. For establishment such situation, researchers for fire science have to make efforts to provide fundamental knowledge needed for mitigate fire losses to be occurred in the future. The most important knowledge effective for future fire safety must be of basic phenomena such as combustion, mass and heat transfer, and gas flows. Following a brief introduction into a fire safety management system, examples of anticipated basic knowledge for the future fire science are presented. It is inferred that most issues in the future fire safety can be resolved on the basis of knowledge on basic phenomena in fires.

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