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Cfd Simulation Of Gaseous Suppressant Injection And Fire Extinguishing

Makarov, D., Karpov, A. V. and Tsuruda, T., 2000. Cfd Simulation Of Gaseous Suppressant Injection And Fire Extinguishing. AOFST 4


This paper describes the comparison of the theoretical solution and the CFD modelling of isothermal suppressant mixing and gaseous fire suppression. Two different types of boundary conditions, applied for the suppressant distribution modelling, were tested. The cost-effective problem formulation was used for the modelling of the real fire extinguishing experiment. Three suppressant injection methods were applied for the same compartment geometry and fire scenario during the numerical simulation. All injection methods produced almost the same amount of suppressant in compartment during the numerical simulation, but different suppressant distribution and different time and effectiveness of the fire extinguishing. It is shown that the refined analysis of extinguishing system performance must be based on the detailed information about suppressant distribution and heat release rate behaviour. The use of CFD technique for this purpose is very effective.

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