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Fire Performance Of Drywall Partition With Plastic Receptacle Box

Mori, Mitsuhiro, Sugahara, S., Nakamura, K., Masuda, H., Tamura, M. and Iida, Akihiko, 2000. Fire Performance Of Drywall Partition With Plastic Receptacle Box. AOFST 4


According to the notification by Ministry of Construction, noncombustible materials should be applied at the plumbing or wiring part of fire wall. However, in case another material is applied at that part, its fire performance has not been clear yet, and almost partitions have been authorized only to solid core ones with noncombustible materials, causing fire protective performances of these partitions are one-hour rating for wood frame and two-hour for steel frame according to the bench scale test. Therefore, several drywall partitions with plastic receptacles are served to this experimental research.. Several fire protective structures could be standardized by this research through fire performance analysis on two layers o temper-edge gypsum board with plastic receptacle box on one side.

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