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Korean Fire And Actual Conditions Of Fire Services

Eui-Pyeong, Lee, 2000. Korean Fire And Actual Conditions Of Fire Services. AOFST 4


Korean fire occurrence rate (number of fire/10,000 persons) is more than 7.0 and even it has even increased year by year. Korean national fire service organization includes the Fire Bureau under the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affaires, National Fire Academy, and National 119 Rescue Brigade. Member of national fire service organization is comprised of the fire service personnel. Also, local fire service organizations have fire departments in every large local government of cities or provinces and fire stations belong to them. All fire service personnel of local fire service organization except the heads of fire departments and local fire academies are the local government employee. The total member of fire service personnel is about 23,000 and approx. 6,000 fire vehicles, are equipped. A recruitment system consists of fire cadet and special recruitment examination for selecting rescue and first-aid members, aviation members, and fireboat members. Besides, there are a special promotion system and the grade-limit system, and a burial system in the National Cemetery as a special system only of Korea.

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