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The Relations Hips Between Socioeconomic Factors And Fire In China

Yang, L., Yang, Y., Gong, J., Fang, Tingyong and Cui, Wei, 2004. The Relations Hips Between Socioeconomic Factors And Fire In China. AOFST 6


Correlation analysis shows that in China, socioeconomic factors have notable influence on fire. But the degree of correlation between them in China is different from that in other countries. The fire data in China sounds paradoxical between two periods and the research indicates that fire rate has poor relation with the college education, while in foreign countries they are revealed as negative correlation. The paper also concentrates on the complexity of fire system and put s forward a proposal of combining the methods of statistics and complexity research to analysis fire data. Then the paper presents some ideas of statistics principle in fire data. Finally, we try to discuss how socioeconomic factors have influence on fire and make some prediction on fire situation in China.

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