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Fire Risk Assessment For Ammonia Onshore Export Terminal

Shebeko, Yu. N., Bolodian, I. A., Molchanov, V. P., Deshevih, Yu I., Nekrasov, V. P., Smolin, I. M., Gordienko, D. M. and Strogonov, V. V., 2004. Fire Risk Assessment For Ammonia Onshore Export Terminal. AOFST 6


Fire risk assessment for ammonia onshore export terminal has been carried out. Risk connected with toxic injuring by ammonia was not considered. An analysis of fire hazard of the terminal was executed, typical accidents were revealed, and event trees were constructed. Annual frequencies of hazardous events were evaluated, and impact zones for fires and explosions were calculated. Individual and social risks were evaluated both for population near the terminal and for personell of the object. It was found that the fire risk values for the population do not exceeds the values stated by standards. The fire risk values for personell do not be stated by russian standards, therefore a comparison of the calculated fire risks was made with requirements of leading oil companies. The calculated fire risks were somewhat higher than fire risks for the personell accepted by the leading oil companies, that is the additional fire safety measures are required. The propositions for determination of tolerable risk values for industrial plants have been done.

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