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A Cellular Automata Evacuation Model Considering Friction And Repulsion

Song, W. G., Yu, Yanfei and Fan, W.C., 2004. A Cellular Automata Evacuation Model Considering Friction And Repulsion. AOFST 6


There exist interactions among pedestrians and between pedestrian and environment in evacuation. These interactions include attraction, repulsion and friction. In former evacuation models, attraction has been well modeled, while repulsion and friction are not presented. Discrete models such as cellular automata model and lattice gas model have simple rules and high simulation efficiency, but aren’t quite suitable for interaction simulation. In this paper, a cellular model is introduced in which repulsion and friction are modeled by the concept of “passing probability”. It is indicated that the model can simulate some basic behaviors in evacuation, such as faster-is-slower, jamming and so on, but with high efficiency.

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