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Reconstruction Of Post-Earthquake Fire In Inariyama Post Town

Nakao, Miho and Tanaka, T., 2004. Reconstruction Of Post-Earthquake Fire In Inariyama Post Town. AOFST 6


It is well known that due to the Zenkouji Earthquake occurred at 10 p.m., 24 March 1847, tremendous houses were destroyed and fires broke out to claim a heavy toll of human lives in the city of Zenkouji. But it isn’t necessarily known that Inariyama, a post town located at some distance away Zenkouji, was entirely destroyed by the fires that broke out after the earthquake. So on the basis of topographical data, the records on houses and pictures that show the spreading course and the burnt area of the fire, an attempt was made to reconstruct the state of Inariyama post town at the time of the Zenkouji Earthquake and the fire spreading state in Inariyama post town.

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