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The Safety Auditing In Yousu Petrochemical Complex

Yoon, En Sup, Kim, Yong Ha, Ahn, Sung Joon, Lee, Chang Jun and Kim, Tae Hwan, 2004. The Safety Auditing In Yousu Petrochemical Complex. AOFST 6


Petrochemical/Chemical industries are composed of complicated processes with many recycle streams of energy and materials, regulated by environmental and safety considerations. Last autumn there was three big accidents which come from carelessness in Korea. After these accidents, Korea Petrochemical Association made the Safety Auditing Team to check the present condition of 16 Petrochemical/Chemical companies in Yousu Petrochemical Complex. This project has been progressed by ICP (Institute of Chemical Process) of Seoul Nat’l University. Each team had made the investigation about 16 companies objectively. And the results are made as Radar Chart.

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