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A Study On The People Evacuation Safety For The Underground Mrt Station

Chien, S., Chen, Wen-Long, Shen, T., Cheng, Chung-Chung, Lee, Da-Chih, Hsuse, Yu-Lin and Chen, Te-Kuei, 2004. A Study On The People Evacuation Safety For The Underground Mrt Station. AOFST 6


Passengers have to conduct the activity of evacuation as a large disaster takes place in a MRT Underground Station. How to escape effectively and safely for occupants evacuating from platform to ground, and the planning of escape routes are the key issues in the processes of evacuation. In order to ensure the variety of safety factors in the processes of evacuation, it would brook no delay to conduct the survey and research on the planning evacuation in MRT Underground Station. In this paper, it discusses the relationship between evacuation behavior and egress facilities design from the accident of Daegu Korea subway fire in February 18, 2003, and studies Taipei, Kaohsiung and several country city MRT system evacuation design rules, and compares those with NFPA130 evacuation design rule. Finally the conclusions and suggestion of evacuation safety for MRT system would be presented. Key words: Underground Station; Evacuation; MRT System

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