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Visibility Of Text Information Functioning As Urban Disaster Prevention

Akizuki, Y. and Tanaka, T., 2004. Visibility Of Text Information Functioning As Urban Disaster Prevention. AOFST 6


It is considered that cities are increasingly vulnerable against disaster because of complex urban structure, more strangers in the city, and advent of the super-aging society. Therefore, tools to assist evacuation on one’s own judgment are called for in the event of a disaster. The evacuation takes the following three steps: First, we seek for an understanding of present situation. Next, we seek for refuge area. And finally, we evacuate to safer places. Text Information is very important at every step of the evacuation. This report shows the effectiveness of Text Information from the perspective of disaster prevention. First, “Visibility Model” is presented. The model is adapted for disaster situation like in the event of a fire. Then it shows a case study in which the model is applied to a real disaster: the widely known subway fire in the Daegu City.

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