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Evaluation Of The Closed-Type Sprinkler Head Activation Time

Jee, Moon-Hak, Sung, Chang-Kyung and Hong, Sung-Yull, 2004. Evaluation Of The Closed-Type Sprinkler Head Activation Time. AOFST 6


As a predominant active fire suppression method, closed-type sprinkler systems are used for the purpose of fire control and suppression at the nuclear power plants as well as the industrial facilities. It goes without saying that the proper selection of the system guarantees the adequate actuation of the thermal device. Consequently, the appropriate evaluation should be executed for the thermal behavior with the theoretical and empirical approach. For this purpose, the comparison of activation time for the fusible-link type sprinkler head with the simplified fire case and t-square fire growth case was evaluated. At this paper, the comparison output was presented with the tendency of thermal behavior. In addition, we issued some technical comments for the most appropriate equation in case of the estimation of the sprinkler head activation time. We also raised some idea that should be incorporated for the usage of the t-square equation for the realistic application in the field of the performance-base fire protection approach.

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