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Building Fire Zone Model Simulation With Symbolic Mathematics

Han, S. S. and Chow, W.K., 2007. Building Fire Zone Model Simulation With Symbolic Mathematics. AOFST 7


There are many good reasons for using symbolic mathematics in computer models instead of traditional program such as FORTRAN. Fire environments including upper layer temperature and interface height of smoke layer in different buildings were simulated with a one room fire model compiled by symbolic mathematics. Three heat release rates and two opening conditions were used in the simulations. Values of the three heat release rates were estimated based on the minimum heat release rates required for flashover. All the rooms with a higher heat release rate would get a higher upper layer temperature and a lower interface height within a shorter time. It might be dangerous in a room even under a 500 kW fire with doors closed. Only some big rooms can endure a longer time under a 500 MW fire with doors opened. Even under a 100 kW fire, the smoke layer might develop to a lower stage within a short time in a small room. The opening size is the key point to onset flashover. Floor area or room size affect the time to flashover for the same net heat release rates in different rooms.

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