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Joint Fire Research Organization, 1957. PROGRAMME OF FIRE RESEARCH. Fire Research Notes 311


Many requests are received for information about the programme of research that is carried out by the Joint Fire Research Organization. Particulars of the Station and its work are given in the publications listed at the end of this note, which is confined to a general description of the aims and scope of the programme itself and, without any reference to the manner in which it is carried out or to the results. The work of the Station is of three categories: (a) Advisory and ad hoc. (b) applied research. (c) Basic investigations. The Research Programme covers the second and third categories. The broad structure of the programme is simple, and is based on the view that the first concern is to know how many and what kinds of fire occur, and then successively the causes, how ignition occurs, how small fires develop and become large ones, how different materials and buildings behave in fires; and how fires may be put out.

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