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Risk Management Application Of Fire Risk Analysis

Kazarians, M., Siu, N. and Apostolakis, G.E., 1986. Risk Management Application Of Fire Risk Analysis. Fire Safety Science 1: 1029-1038. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.1-1029


Probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) has shown that the contribution of fires to the frequency of core damage and radionuclide release in some nuclear power plants can be significant. This article discusses the use of PRA results in fire risk management. The decomposition of these results leads to the identification of the most important contributors to the risk and, thus, allows for the identification of potential modifications that can have the greatest impact on risk. This paper discusses the process of generating these options and offers several insights that have been gained from an actual study.


risk management, fire risk, nuclear power plants

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