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Toxicity Testing Of Fire Effluents In Japan: State Of The Art Review

Saito, F. and Yusa, S., 1986. Toxicity Testing Of Fire Effluents In Japan: State Of The Art Review. Fire Safety Science 1: 1069-1077. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.1-1069


The present state of research on toxicities of fire effluents in Japan is described. This review centers on the status of a joint study project which has been under way in recent years, participated in by research institutions in the country. The research setup in the country, the method of applying conditions of actual fires to testing apparatus of laboratory scale, the role of CO, mixed with pure gases, and the results of square wave exposure of fire effluents in a newly developed testing apparatus are described.


Carbon dioxide, Fire tests: toxicity, Review: toxicity, Smoke: toxicity, Toxicity: computer predicted time, Toxicity: reviews, Toxicity: test apparatus

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