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Influence Of Restraint On Fire Performance Of Reinforced Concrete Columns

Lie, T.T. and Lin, T.D., 1986. Influence Of Restraint On Fire Performance Of Reinforced Concrete Columns. Fire Safety Science 1: 291-300. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.1-291


Experimental and theoretical studies were carried out on the effect of restraint on the fire resistance of reinforced concrete columns. Two tests were carried out on axially loaded columns fully restrained against thermal expansion. Both experimental and theoretical studies indicate that full restraint of axial thermal expansion has little influence on the fire performance of the columns. The maximum stresses in a fully restrained column at the time that the restraining load is maximum, are considerably lower than those at the time of failure of the column.


Axial loading. reinforced concrete columns, Axial thermal expansion, Columns: reinforced concrete, Concrete: loading, Loading, concrete, Reinforced concrete, Restraint, Thermal expansion

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