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Some Unresolved Fire Chemistry Problems

Friedman, R., 1986. Some Unresolved Fire Chemistry Problems. Fire Safety Science 1: 349-359. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.1-349


Six areas of fire science are selected for discussion which involve chemistry in an important way. The areas are: rate of pyrolysis of a solid combustible; generation of toxicants in a fire; fire luminosity (radiative output) and smoke generation; fire retardation of wood and synthetics; flammability of a hot gas layer in a compartment before flashover; and chemically active extinguishing agents. In each case, highlights of knowledge and remaining unsolved questions are touched upon, and 35 references to the recent literature are provided


Extinction: chemical, Flashover, Pyrolysis: rate, Pyrolysis: review, Pyrolysis: solid combustibles, Radiation:, Radiation: review, Retardants: review, Review: fire chemistry, Smoke: generation, Synthetics, fire retardation, Toxicants: generation, Wood: fire retardation

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