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A Combustibility Study Of Gaseous Pyrolysates Produced By Polyestericotton Blends

Day, M., Suprunchuk, T. and Wiles, D.M., 1986. A Combustibility Study Of Gaseous Pyrolysates Produced By Polyestericotton Blends. Fire Safety Science 1: 401-410. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.1-401


The thermal decomposition and flammability limits of the gaseous pyrolysates obtained from a series of polyester/cotton blends have been studied. Comparison of data obtained from intimately blended samples with control samples indicates that both physical and chemical interactions are taking place between the components during the condensed phase decomposition. Based upon the measured flammability limits and pressure rises on ignition, the importance of chemical interactions were demonstrated; however physical effects associated with heat transfer cannot be ignored. Greatest changes were observed with the 67/33 polyester/cotton blends, suggesting that this may be the most difficult to flame retard.


Flammability: limits, Flammability: measurements, Flammability: polyester/cotton blends, Pyrolyzates, Thermal decomposition:

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