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Translation Of Research Into Practice

Keough, J.J., 1986. Translation Of Research Into Practice. Fire Safety Science 1: 593-601. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.1-593


It is difficult to introduce new concepts to the building industry. Innovation must be approved by: the designer, the owner, the lending authority, the insuring body, the design code, and the building regulations. The preferred approach to secure early acceptance of innovation is to submit the concept to the professional committee responsible for the design code. Endorsement by that committee can be used to secure the several approvals but incorporation in the appropriate design code can lead directly to incorporation in regulations and thus assure the other approvals. Once the concept is incorporated in a design code or the regulations it will almost certainly be incorporated in the curriculum of educational establishments.


innovation, lending authority, insuring body, design code, building regulations, high-speed sprinklers, steel, concrete, restraint, education, research

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