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Evaluation Of Garment Flammability Using Thermal Mannequins

Uehara, Y. and Umexawa, M., 1986. Evaluation Of Garment Flammability Using Thermal Mannequins. Fire Safety Science 1: 839-848. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.1-839


The flammability of garments was studied using thermal mannequins with sensors which were dressed in 73 sets of clothes commonly available in Japan. The results showed that all of them, except for 18 sets, were highly flammable and indicated a possibility of serious fire injuries within a short time. The maximum temperature and the maximum heat flux obtained on the body surface were 437C and 335 kJ/m² s, respectively. To evaluate the hazards, method of evaluation based on the burning rate, size and degree of fire injury plus a combination of these factors were proposed to be useful.


Flammability: garments, Mannequins

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