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Full Scale Test Of Smoke Leakage From Doors Of A Highrise Apartment

Sugawa, O., Ogahara, I., Ozaki, K., Sato, H. and Hasegawa, I., 1986. Full Scale Test Of Smoke Leakage From Doors Of A Highrise Apartment. Fire Safety Science 1: 891-900. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.1-891


Check of smoke leakage of an entrance door, class A fire door, for high rise apartment was carried out in a full scale model using a model fire source which was designed to smolder 1 hour and then to flame. The door openable inward and outward with and without air tight material were used. A total 13 types of experimental conditions was carried out with major variables of door situation (open or close) and of pressure difference between fire room and corridor. Concentrations of smoke, gas, and smoke particles, pressure, temperatures and weight of fire source were measured. No difference in smoke leakage performance between doors openable inward and outward was obtained. Smoke and combustion gas in corridor were hardly observed when the entrance door was closed, therefore it suggests clearly that the middle corridor is safe enough as an evacuation route when the door was closed.


full-scale test, smoke leakage from door, class a fire tight door, smoke particles, fire detectors, smoldering, specialized fire problems

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