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Assessment of the Safety Level of Concrete Slabs during Fire

Van Coile R., Annerel E., Caspeele R. and Taerwe L., 2011. Assessment of the Safety Level of Concrete Slabs during Fire. Fire Safety Science 10: 1115-1124. 10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.10-1115


During the last decades research has provided many new insights in the structural behavior of concrete structures subjected to fire. However, most studies and also the semi-probabilistic design methods in the Eurocode EN 1992-1-2 focus on the maximum time of fire resistance, without mentioning the impact of fire on the safety level of the structure. In order to assess the effect of fire on the safety level of concrete slabs, a full-probabilistic model is developed, using Monte Carlo simulations for modeling the uncertainty regarding the bending moment capacity. Results indicate that the calculated safety level is highly sensitive to the uncertainty of temperature effects on material properties. Furthermore, it is shown that the safety level at the fire resistance time is not the same for all the design approaches mentioned in EN 1992-1-2. Also, a generalized target value for the safety index ? during fire is proposed, which allows for an objective comparison of the fire resistance time for different design alternatives.

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