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Ignition of Secondary Objects in a Design Fire Simulation Tool

Baker G., Fleury R., Spearpoint, M., Fleischmann, C.M. and Wade C., 2011. Ignition of Secondary Objects in a Design Fire Simulation Tool. Fire Safety Science 10: 1359-1372. 10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.10-1359


A collaborative research project is currently in progress which aims to develop a fire zone model that deals with the uncertainty and variability associated with the modelling of design fires and design fire scenarios in buildings. As part of this research, a simple submodel has been developed which simulates the radiation received by secondary fuel items from both remote burning objects and enclosure surfaces and determines when secondary items ignite. An experimental programme was carried out to validate both the radiation and ignition predictions of the submodel, with good agreement being achieved between the theoretical model and actual intermediate-scale experiments in the laboratory. The experimental programme also serves to demonstrate the use of different radiation measuring devices.

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