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Fire development in different scales of train carriages

Li, Y.Z., Ingason, H. and Lonnermark, A., 2014. Fire development in different scales of train carriages. Fire Safety Science 11: 302-315. 10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.11-302


A fire development analysis of three series of train carriage fire tests in different scales was carried out. These train carriage fire tests included 1:10 model scale tests, 1:3 model scale tests and 1:1 full scale tunnel tests. The heat release rate (HRR) correlations between different scales of carriage fire tests were carefully investigated. The mechanism of fire development is very similar in different scales of tests involving fully developed fires. After the critical fire spread, the fire travelled along the carriage at an approximately constant speed. The maximum heat release rate obtained for a fully developed fire is dependent on the ventilation conditions and also the type and configuration of the fuels, and a simple equation has been proposed to estimate the maximum heat release rate. A global correction factor of the maximum heat release rate is presented and examined.


maximum heat release rate, local flashover, fire development, fire tests, correlation, different scales, train carriage fire

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