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A Probabilistic Model for the Fallout Area of Single Glazing under Radiant Heat Exposure

Wong D., Li, K.Y. and Spearpoint, M., 2014. A Probabilistic Model for the Fallout Area of Single Glazing under Radiant Heat Exposure. Fire Safety Science 11: 444-457. 10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.11-444


This paper investigates the area of window fallout behaviour of 4 mm and 6 mm thick single glazed ordinary float type glass exposed to a constant radiant heat. Regular rubber beadings and non-standard ceramic fibre beadings were used to mount the 525 mm square glass samples in commercial aluminium window frames. A total of 117 experiments were carried out where the area of glass fallout was recorded as a function of time. The average heat fluxes which the glass samples were exposed to ranged from 13 kW/m2 to 58 kW/m2. The lowest heat flux that is needed for fallout occurrence is found to be 20 kW/m2 for 4 mm thick glass and 28 kW/m2 for 6 mm thick glass. The fallout behaviour of glass was quantified with an exponential distribution function and a probabilistic area of glass fallout prediction model for 4 mm and 6 mm thick glass is developed from the experimental results.


compartment fires, probabilistic, fallout, glass

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