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Fire Tests on Loaded Cross-laminated Timber Wall and Floor Elements

Kippel M., Leyder C., Frangi, A. and Fontana, M., 2014. Fire Tests on Loaded Cross-laminated Timber Wall and Floor Elements. Fire Safety Science 11: 626-639. 10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.11-626


Cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels are relatively new engineered wood products that can be used as load bearing walls, floors and roof elements in innovative and high quality modern timber structures. The fire behavior of cross-laminated timber panels requires careful evaluation to allow the expansion of CLT elements usage in buildings. A University of British Columbia study has been conducted at the Trees and Timber Institute CNR-IVALSA in San Michele all’Adige, Italy to experimentally evaluate the fire performance of Canadian CLT panels. In total, ten loaded fire tests were performed using standard fire curves (ULC/ASTM and ISO) to study the influence of different cross-section layups on the fire resistance of floor and wall elements and to investigate the influence of different anchors on the fire behavior of wall elements. This paper presents the main results of the experimental analyses and discusses in particular the charring rate, one of the main parameters in fire design.


structural design, structural response, one-dimensional charring, fire behavior, fire tests, cross-laminated timber

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