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Algorithm For The Mass-loss Rate Of A Burning Wall

Mitler, H.E., 1989. Algorithm For The Mass-loss Rate Of A Burning Wall. Fire Safety Science 2: 179-188. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.2-179


A derivation is given for a simple algorithm which yields the quasisteady burning rate of a vertical panel of non-charring, non-melting material in an enclosure with stratification of temperature and oxygen concentration. The algorithm requires the solution of a transcendental equation. Among the thermophysical data which are needed, are the mean flame temperature and the height-dependent absorption coefficient, n (z). It is found from experiment that n(z) is well described for PMMA by a two parameter expression linear in l/z. Comparison with a transient experiment yields good agreement for the mass-loss race, over much of the range.


Algorithms, Flame spread:, Mass burning rate, Mass loss rate, Wall fires

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