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Physical Modelling Of Enclosed Pool Fire - Development Of Empirical Correlations

Stensaas, J.P., Hovde, P.J. and Magnussen, B.F., 1989. Physical Modelling Of Enclosed Pool Fire - Development Of Empirical Correlations. Fire Safety Science 2: 251-261. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.2-251


A series of small-scale enclosed and open pool fire experiments have been carried out in order to study how the fire behavior responds to alterations in the fire conditions in the course of the transient phase of the fire. Empirical correlations have been developed which can serve as a first-hand calculation tool for determining the fire severity of enclosed pool fires (i.e. in terms of the average hot gas layer temperature rise) at any time in the transient phase of the fire when only the parameters of the fire compartment are known.


Empirical correlation, Fire severity, Mass burning rate, Modeling: pool fires, Pool fires:, Pool fires: experiments

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