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Combustion Processes In Two-layered Configuations

Zukoski, E.E., Toner, S.J., Morehart, J.H. and Kubota, T., 1989. Combustion Processes In Two-layered Configuations. Fire Safety Science 2: 295-304. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.2-295


The development of accurate descriptions of flame geometry and the rates of entrainment, chemical species production and heat release in the plumes of large buoyant diffusion flames is still an important current problem for fire modelers. A description is given here of recent experimental work concerning these problem areas when a small part at the base of a large diffusion flame is immersed in air and the larger part, in vitiated gas.


Diffusion flames, buoyant, Entrainment: rates, Excess pyrolyzates: burning, Flame geometry, Flame structure:, Plumes, Upper layer burning

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