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Prediction Of The Heat Release Rate Of Douglas Fir

Parker, W.J., 1989. Prediction Of The Heat Release Rate Of Douglas Fir. Fire Safety Science 2: 337-346. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.2-337


Measurements have been made on the thermal diffusivity of Douglas fir and its char up to 550°C. Its char contraction factors have also been determined. Interpretation of some data in the literature has resulted in the establishment of the specific heat as a function of temperature over this range. These thermophysical property data along with some data reported separately on the thermochemical properties of cellulose, mannan, xylan and lignin were used as input to a model for the heat release rate of wood in order to calculate the heat release rate and heat of combustion of Douglas fir exposed to an external radiant flux of 25 kW/m2. These calculations were compared with measurements made in the Cone calorimeter. The agreement is reasonable at this stage of the model development.


wood, heat release rate, thermal diffusivity, specific heat, heat of combustion, char contraction

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