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Room Fire Modeling Within A Computer-aided Desing Framework

Mowrer, F.W. and Williamson, R.B., 1989. Room Fire Modeling Within A Computer-aided Desing Framework. Fire Safety Science 2: 453-462. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.2-453


A framework for the integration of room fire modeling within a computer-aided design (CAD) environment is developed. The framework is comprised of three primary features: a graphic CAD interface, an analysis model and a database of physical attributes. Key features of CAD systems required to permit the integration of engineering analyses include object orientation, the association of attributes with objects and the ability to extract attributes from a CAD-developed drawing database. A quasisteady zone Model for room fire analyses is described briefly. The definitions of objects and their attributes for these room fire analyses are considered. An example implementation of the CAD framework is presented.


fire modeling, computer-aided design, fire hazard analysis

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