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Behaviour Of Composite Columns And Girders In Fire

Kordina, K., 1989. Behaviour Of Composite Columns And Girders In Fire. Fire Safety Science 2: 681-695. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.2-681


In the recent years the dimensioning of composite columns and girders with respect to their fire resistance has been studied according to IS0 834 on the basis of theoretical and experimental investigations. The present report shows in which way these results can be incorporated in a fire design guide. Tables dealing with the fire resistance of composite columns with concrete filled hollow steel sections, of composite columns with steel sections completely embedded in concrete and of columns concreted between the flanges are prepared. In addition the report shows the design of composite girders and the joints to adjacent columns with respect to their fire resistance.


Colums, composite, Design: methods, Girders, composite, ISO 834, Review: composite materials, Structural members, Structures: composite, Structures: thermal response

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