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Numerical Fire Modelling Of A Turbine Hall

Huhtanen, R., 1989. Numerical Fire Modelling Of A Turbine Hall. Fire Safety Science 2: 771-779. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.2-771


Simulation of a fire in a turbine hall has been preformed with the PHOENICS-code. The main goal was to state a reasonable collection of models for general fire analysis and to get experience in this kind of simulation. The three-dimensional flow simulation model includes a k-E turbulence model, Magnussen's and Hjertager's burning rate model, heat radiation and an economical method to calculate heat conduction in structures. An oil pool has been assumed to burn on the symmetry axis of the hall. The results seem to suit quite well with the qualitative observations from a fire appeared in a turbine hall in Helsinki in 1986.


Computer programs: PHOENICS, Modeling: simulation, Turbine fires

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