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Analysis Of Compartment Fires With Overhead Forced Ventilation

Beyler, C.L., 1991. Analysis Of Compartment Fires With Overhead Forced Ventilation. Fire Safety Science 3: 291-300. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.3-291


Compartment fire data with either no ventilation or forced overhead ventilation are successfully modeled as well-stirred fire environments rather than two-layer fire environments. The extinction of flames is predicted using the limiting oxygen index concept linked with a well-stirred model of the fire environment. While the fire environment in compartments with overhead ventilation is quite different than naturally-ventilated fires or fires ventilated from floor level, a temperature model previously developed by Beyler and Deal is shown to predict preflashover temperatures in forced ventilation fires.


compartment fires, temperature, extinction, forced ventilation

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