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A Study Of The Fire Aspect Of Atria In Hong Kong

Chow, W.K. and Wong, W.K., 1991. A Study Of The Fire Aspect Of Atria In Hong Kong. Fire Safety Science 3: 335-344. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.3-335


This paper reports on the fire safety aspect of atrium buildings in Hong Kong. The physical shape and geometrical configuration of the existing atria are surveyed. The general features of the layout of the local atria are then worked out. The fire regulation and the services designs are discussed. The fire environment that will be encountered in an atrium fire is studied by using the existing deterministic fire models, both zone and field. This includes the FIRST developed at the Fire Research Centre, NST, arid a self developed field model. The predicted results are applied to assess the installed fire services design such as high headroom sprinkler and smoke extraction systems.


fire environment, atrium fire, mathematical model, zone models, field models, fire services design, hong kong

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