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Ignition Sources In Room Fire Tests And Some Implications For Flame Spread Evaluation

Williamson, R.B., Revenaugh, A. and Mowrer, F.W., 1991. Ignition Sources In Room Fire Tests And Some Implications For Flame Spread Evaluation. Fire Safety Science 3: 657-666. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.3-657


Large scale room/corner fire test methods permit evaluation of the reaction to fire of wall and ceiling finish materials in configurations and under exposure conditions representative of end use. The response of a lining material depends directly on the exposure conditions imposed on the material, so selection of an appropriate ignition source intensity and location is essential for realistic appraisal of fire performance. A number of experiments have been conducted to evaluate the effects of heat release rate and ignition source location on the heat flux distribution imposed on lining materials in room/corner fire tests. Results of these experiments are reported and some implications for room/corner fire test methods and for flame spread prediction are discussed.


fire tests, flame spread, heat flux, ignition source, wall coverings

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