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Flame Spread Behavior Of Char-forming Wall/ceiling Insulating Materials

Newman, J.S. and Tewarson, A., 1991. Flame Spread Behavior Of Char-forming Wall/ceiling Insulating Materials. Fire Safety Science 3: 679-688. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.3-679


The extent of fire propagation and upward spread velocity are examined for char-forming insulating materials. The extent of propagation can be defined by the critical heat flux boundary, while reduced-scale propagation experiments are shown to represent accurately large scale corner fire behavior. In wall/ceiling applications, inert facings are shown to significantly limit the extent of fire propagation even for materials exhibiting self -sustained propagation. The "apparent" flame spread velocity for these types of char-forming materials correlates well with the ratio of the convective heat release rate to the surface thermal response.


spread, heat transfer, material properties, char-forming materials

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