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Flame Spread Evaluation For Thin Interior Finish Materials

Mowrer, F.W. and Williamson, R.B., 1991. Flame Spread Evaluation For Thin Interior Finish Materials. Fire Safety Science 3: 689-698. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.3-689


A simplified model of flame spread that includes consideration of fuel burnout is applied to the evaluation of upward flame spread on thin lining materials adhered to noncombustible substrates. A flammability parameter based on characteristic unit heat release rates, flame spread times and burning durations is derived. Methods to evaluate this flammability parameter from small-scale heat release rate measurements in the Cone Calorimeter are developed. Comparisons between predictions and large-scale room/corner fire tests for a number of textile wall covering materials are presented.


flame spread, heat release, ignition time, burning duration, interior finish

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