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Analyses Of Composite Beams And Frames At Elevated Temperature

Morita, T., Wakamatsu, Takao, Uesugi, H. and Saito, H., 1991. Analyses Of Composite Beams And Frames At Elevated Temperature. Fire Safety Science 3: 761-770. doi:10.3801/IAFSS.FSS.3-761


This paper presents analyses of composite beam which is composed of H-section steel and reinforced concrete slab. Analyzed models were simply supported beams and H-shaped structural frames which were composed of 2-story columns and 1-span beam. In analyzing simply supported beams, some other factors (for example, thickness of fire protection, width of slab etc ...) were considered. In analyzing H-shaped structural frames, two models we= considered. One model has composite beam, and the other model has H-section steel beam only. From the results of these analyses, it is concluded that the fire resistance of the structural frame with H-section steel beam and the structural frame with composite beam is almost the same.


fire behavior, thermal stress, thermal deformation, steel structure, reinforced concrete slabs, composite beam, inside temperature

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